About Us

The objective of PSG & Son's Charities is promotion of education and training along with industrial development. PSG Industrial institute serves as a centre to train craftsman, artisans and mechanics and manufacture with the help of workers and trainees, engineering goods on commercial basis. Over the past eight decades, PSG have expanded the scope of its activities from manufacture of farm equipments to pumps, motors intended for irrigating farms, then Machine Tools and Ferrous Castings. Starting from an enterprise geared to meet the rural economy, PSG has diversified its activities to meet the requirements of industrial sector as well. Its customers range from small/medium scale to giant aero space industries supported by a large number of academic and industrial personnel and modern state-of-the art R & D laboratories, Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM facilities and sophisticated testing and measuring equipments along with hi-tech CNC machineries.

PSG Machine Tools like CNC Lathes and Centre Lathes which are indigenously developed enjoy high reputation in the country and are exported all over the world.

Now, PSG have specially designed and developed CNC Trainer Lathe,  Vertical Machining Centre with six tools automatic tool changer, Electrospinning machine and planetary ball mill to cater to the needs of educational institutions like engineering colleges, polytechnics and industrial training institutes to train the students to meet the challenges of high-tech requirements for the engineering industries. Our machine tool products are of high quality for its functional reliability.

We are continuously improving our products to meet the global standards of precision and productivity.